• Test taking tips for getting great grades. For finals, quizes, and exams these three tips will be useful. Good for college, but also work for high school tests.

    Must Know Test Taking Tips to Get A’s

    Today, many people in my class, including myself, received a wake-up call after failing to complete our first ecology exam within the time limit. While it was an extensive exam, I believe it could be possible to finish if the right test-taking method were utilized. I’ve been using basically the same method for taking a test since I began college. I consider myself a pretty fast test-taker and am usually one of the first people done with their test. The test today though made me think otherwise and I’ve decided that I need to up my test taking strategy in order to succeed in my class. Skim the Questions The first…

  • Personal Note-Taking Method for College Class

    My College Note-Taking Method

    So, after being in college for nearly three years now, I feel as if I have finally figured out a note-taking system that works for me. I’ve tried all the “traditional” systems. Outline, Cornell, typing onto powerpoint slides, but they just weren’t cutting it. My note-taking system is dependent on the class and way the professor not only teaches but how he does his exams. This note-taking system works well for my Mammalogy class. My professor teaches through powerpoint and his quizzes and exams are typically based off of the slides. He does sometimes add extra information and that is why this system is perfect for his specific teaching style.…