Best Skincare Products for Moms to Be

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

Since I discovered I was pregnant, my skincare routine has changed drastically. Face washes I loved I could no longer use along with other acne-fighting products. So my face started breaking out, a lot. I hated it, but now that it’s finally improving I feel I can share the tips and trick that work for me.

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Face Care

I tried several different products and routines, but these are the products that have worked for me.

Face Wash: Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Exfoliating Daily Scrub

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

It took a few tries to find a suitable face wash and this one here is amazing. It is very gentle while also exfoliating. It’s able to be used daily and is great for sensitive skin.

Exfoliator: Silicone Facial Scrubbie

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

I love exfoliation. I tend to get dry, dead skin around my nose and these really help keep my skin smooth. While these aren’t necessarily needed, they can be extremely useful. I even use them on my lips while in the shower and they leave my lips baby soft.

Moisturizer: 100% Pure Almond Oil

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

Now, this is something new I’ve grown obsessed with. Originally I was using coconut oil on my face, but I was experiencing more breakouts than ever before. I did some research and discovered that coconut oil can actually clog your pores. So that obviously had to stop, but I needed something to moisturize my face. Sweet almond oil was the answer. Not only is this oil great at moisturizing, it can also help unclog your pores and clean them out. It’s amazing and can also be used on hair.

Witch Hazel

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

Witch hazel is one of my basic necessities. It’s an instant refresher for when I don’t have the time or don’t want to wash my face again. It can help reduce blemishes, red marks, and won’t dry out your skin. To use it, just apply it to a cotton ball or pad and swipe all over your face, avoiding your eyes. Allow it to dry and you’re done.

Tea Tree Oil

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

This is my number one product for treating my acne since salicylic acid is no longer a choice while being pregnant. It’s important not to apply too much. I like to get a q-tip wet and then add a few drops of tea tree oil to treat troublesome areas. It helps dry up the acne and can even help prevent pimples from forming.

Body Care

Another aspect of my skincare routine is body moisturizer. Before I became pregnant, I was not that great at apply lotion and taking steps to care for my skin. Now I have stretch marks to worry about and also need much more sun protection than I previously did. Here are my favorite body skin care products that I’ve been using.

For Stretch Marks: Body Lotion and Butter

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

With all the growing your body is doing, stretch marks are bound to happen. A great way to prevent them is with moisturizing. I love this combination because I can apply the tummy butter to the areas that are developing stretch marks. For me, these are my hips, thighs, and growing boobs. I use the massage lotion for my growing tummy to help prevent stretch marks from appearing.

Exfoliation: Shower Gloves

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

Another key part of moisturizing is exfoliation. Getting rid of all that dead skin is extremely important to properly moisturize. Not only that, but it will help your skin feel super soft. I prefer to use exfoliating gloves for this because I can slip them on, get them wet, add some body wash and exfoliate my whole body while in the shower. I feel that the gloves do a much better job at exfoliating than a loofah does. Another thing I like is the control I have of what parts get more exfoliation.

Sun Protection: Oxybenzone – Free Sunscreen

Best Skincare Products For Pregnancy

Before becoming pregnant, I rarely used sunscreen. I never really burn, so I never saw the point. However, with my protruding baby bump, it is crucial to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. While spray sunscreen may seem like an easy choice, it’s not healthy for pregnant women to possibly inhale the chemicals within them, so lotion is the best option. It’s important to find oxybenzone-free sunscreen while pregnant because it has been shown to cause adverse side affects to the baby while in utero.

I hope these products work for you like they do for me. Are there any products I missed? Comment them below!

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