Test taking tips for getting great grades. For finals, quizes, and exams these three tips will be useful. Good for college, but also work for high school tests.

Must Know Test Taking Tips to Get A’s

Today, many people in my class, including myself, received a wake-up call after failing to complete our first ecology exam within the time limit. While it was an extensive exam, I believe it could be possible to finish if the right test-taking method were utilized. I’ve been using basically the same method for taking a test since I began college. I consider myself a pretty fast test-taker and am usually one of the first people done with their test. The test today though made me think otherwise and I’ve decided that I need to up my test taking strategy in order to succeed in my class.

Skim the Questions

The first thing I do when I receive an exam is skim through the questions. This will give me a better idea of how much time I have for each question. While most exams running out of time has never been an issue, recently it was. Because of my that test, I always skim through my test before I begin.

Skip Questions You Don’t Know

My next tip is to skip questions you’re unsure of. This is probably my favorite and best tip. If I don’t know an answer, I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure it out. I’ll skip these questions and complete the ones I am confident in and can complete quickly first. Once I go through the entire exam while doing this, I’ll go back through and work on the questions I have skipped. It’s also super useful to circle the question number of the ones I skipped so I don’t miss them.

Emphasize Points Within the Question

So, I honestly thought this next tip was just something everyone did, but I was mistaken. I’m talking about underlining, circling, or highlighting key points within the question. This is especially useful with an essay or short answer questions. By putting emphasize on what you need to include it help you not forget an important part of the question. I also like to cross out points once I cover them in my answer.

Those are my main tips for taking a test. Good luck on all your quizzes, tests, and exams and I hope these tips helped you. For some great note-taking tips, check out the post on my method here.


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