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Life Update: Big News

While I started this blog several months ago and was super excited and motivated to begin my blogging journey, life happens, and I got extremely busy so my blog got put on the back burner of my life. However, with the semester finally coming to an end, my goal is to get back to making this blog a priority. While being extremely busy with college is one of the reasons I took a hiatus, there’s more…

I’m having a baby!

And I couldn’t be more excited. With all the hormone changes and decreased levels of energy and ability to sleep it’s been a lot more difficult to keep up with all my school work than before. Being pregnant as a college junior has definitely been an experience, but I’m lucky enough that not only are all my professors willing to work with what I can and cannot do. I’m also extremely lucky to be due in the summer, not in the middle of a semester. Finding out my due date was a huge relief. With all these changes in my life, you can expect changes in the types of blog posts I write.

Expect a lot of posts about the struggles of being a new mom while working on completing my college degree. I only have two semesters left and am taking summer online classes, so my workload will be a lot less when my baby is here. I’m planning for most of my posts to be relevant to my lifestyle, so expect mommy, college, girl, animal lover blog posts. Along with tons of DIYs, because in case you didn’t know, I’m incredibly crafty and have been wanting to share ideas and talent with others.

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